“I would rather be a little nobody, then to be a evil somebody” -Abraham Lincoln

About us

We are a grass roots initaitive to provide students with a safer and more supportive bully free environment.  Working in coordination with school officials and the community, this program intends to discourage and eventually eliminate bullying from school grounds, the school bus, and school events that take place off campus so students are free to focus on recognizing their true academic potential.

By empowering students (and teachers) with our mobile app to capture evidence and anonymously report incidents of bullying, they can protect themselves and their friends without fear of retaliation, ensuring greater sensitivity for and acceptance of differences based on race, ethnic group, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, weight, and disability.  Alternatively, a student can choose to include their name when reporting an incident, but that is optional.

School officials can leverage the Bully Beware Administrative back-end to confidentially receive incident reports, investigate and track incidents through to disposition, identify trends and locations around the school that need closer monitoring, forward evidence to parents, generate reports, and make the school environment a Bully Beware Zone.

Parents with young kids who walk to school and students walking across campus late at night can take advantage of the “Follow-me” feature which enables a “friend” to literally watch them get home safely, recording any incidents that might occur along the way.  By initiating the recording on the remote device, the bully can not destroy or gain access to the recording.